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iPlug 2 - C++ audio plug-in framework

iPlug 2 is a simple-to-use C++ framework for developing cross platform audio plug-ins/apps and targeting multiple plug-in APIs with the same minimalistic code. It abstracts an audio plug-in (IPlug) and it's drawing engine/GUI toolkit (IGraphics). IGraphics contains a collection of common controls well suited for audio plug-in GUIs, either using bitmap or vector graphics. The original version of iPlug was developed by John Schwartz aka schwa and released in 2008 as part of Cockos' WDL library. iPlug 2 (2018) is a substantial reworking that brings multiple vector graphics backends (including GPU accelerated options and HiDPI/scaling), a better approach to concurrency, support for distributed plug-in formats and compiling to WebAssembly via emscripten, amongst many other things. iPlug 2 targets the VST2, VST3, AudioUnit and AAX (Native) and the Web Audio Module (WAM) plug-in APIs. It can also produce standalone win32/macOS apps with audio and MIDI I/O, as well as Reaper extensions.

Online Examples / Downloads

IPlugEffect .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64 macOS | win64 macOS
IPlugInstrument .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64 macOS | win64 macOS
IPlugControls .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64 macOS | win64 macOS
IPlugFaustDSP .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64 macOS | win64 macOS
IGraphicsTest .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64
IGraphicsStressTest .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64
MetaParamTest .h | .cpp WebGL | Canvas macOS | win64


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