iPlug2 - C++ Audio Plug-in Framework
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This is the home of documentation for iPlug2, which is a work in progress. The iPlug 2 Wiki includes some more high-level information, that may move here eventually.

If you're viewing this as a markdown file on GitHub, you can see the doxygen version here.

In the future, this will include some tutorials and guides, but for now it's just the doxygen docs for the classes. Most classes and files have been entered, but many methods are not yet documented, or are documented with out of date information.

In the meantime, you can read two academic papers that we wrote about the project, which are in the documentation folder, and you can watch the accompanying presentations on YouTube:

1 - International Faust Conference (IFC 2018) PAPER | VIDEO

2 - Web Audio Conference (WAC2018) PAPER | VIDEO